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a very featureless php fileupload service mostly used for personal hosting
the server currently hosts 5179 files in total which take up a combined space of 8.1G
you can now also easily upload stuff to the space/box/ over at /upload/

[-fog.swf] download3.94 MB
[.htaccess] download78.00 B
[0.mp3] download3.00 MB
[05. t+pazolite — Oshama Scramble! (uncut edition).flac] download36.70 MB
[0x40 Hues of Halloween.swf] download9.05 MB
[0x40 Hues of Winter.swf] download8.73 MB
[0x40 Hues v5.11.swf] download9.47 MB
[1.0.png] download2.54 KB
[199.php] download24.39 KB
[2hulada.zip] download14.45 MB
[3.0-f.png] download24.01 KB
[404.php.enc] download23.74 KB
[5.phtml] download35.96 KB
[87.php] download22.95 KB
[Addison.Wesley.The.CPP.Programming.Language.4th.Edition.Jun.2013.pdf] download18.76 MB
[BDIQt_Static.zip] download18.58 MB
[BDlogo2.svg] download19.05 KB
[BarebonesForSad.zip] download9.18 MB
[Birdperson_avatar.png] download36.27 KB
[CATE_SUCKS] download11.00 B
[Crayon Pop.webm] download3.85 MB
[DE4D.php] download8.31 KB
[Dynamic Bone v1.1.7.unitypackage] download1.60 MB
[Enable Logon In Windows 7.reg] download346.00 B
[FeelsEbola2.png] download36.44 KB
[Firefox Installer.exe] download278.69 KB
[Fouzi.php] download8.54 KB
[Hacked.aspx] download120.59 KB
[Hannibal.webm] download1.39 MB
[Hues v4.20.swf] download4.98 MB
[IndiShell.phtml] download89.58 KB
[JIDF and pol.webm] download3.00 MB
[L0V3.phtml] download97.04 KB
[Lada 2108.zip] download14.45 MB
[MADE OF FIRE.webm] download1.75 MB
[Meme-Magic.webm] download7.18 MB
[Nice.webm] download1.68 MB
[Nigger_faggot.wav] download1.06 MB
[Private Life.swf] download3.91 MB
[REEEE.webm] download1.56 MB
[Running slav dance.webm] download1.59 MB
[SZP.rar] download505.18 MB
[Shadilay.webm] download8.02 MB
[Stop The Thinking.swf] download4.70 MB
[Test.png] download26.75 KB
[TopKek3301_orig.webm] download7.34 MB
[W A L L.webm] download2.22 MB
[WhatsApp_2_16_57.sis] download5.56 MB
[Winloader.zip] download1.65 MB
[X.htm] download3.79 KB
[a3.jpg] download246.26 KB
[a3.php5] download246.26 KB
[about-us] download119.46 KB
[ad.php2] download430.00 B
[address.php] download30.02 KB
[af.php] download573.00 B
[allev-v-mm-ss.html] download12.15 KB
[and-dont-forget.swf] download2.65 MB
[animu.txt] download316.00 B
[anteiku.html] download7.59 KB
[api.txt] download379.00 B
[apr.php.pjpeg] download11.55 KB
[astra.txt] download15.00 B
[asu.php] download81.04 KB
[asu.phtml] download81.04 KB
[autoplaylist.txt] download182.97 KB
[b1nzy.png] download71.52 KB
[bbZero_install_1.18.0-rc6_mojmir.rar] download22.73 MB
[best.phtml] download8.02 KB
[billy.gif] download1.60 MB
[bleach.gif] download191.37 KB
[c9.php] download162.23 KB
[cate.jpg] download28.59 KB
[cateHey.png] download13.28 KB
[catspin.webm] download1.08 MB
[colorsheme.sh] download475.00 B
[confag.png] download786.24 KB
[config.php] download106.72 KB
[crutz.txt] download41.00 B
[dOMAINJB.php] download5.51 KB
[delish.webm] download3.66 MB
[doeshelooklike.swf] download226.85 KB
[donut-array.blend] download585.13 KB
[ebolaIQ.png] download136.66 KB
[ee.php3.j] download73.32 KB
[endless tewi.swf] download8.52 MB
[euservers.webm] download3.82 MB
[ex.html] download1.21 KB
[f.jpg] download48.37 KB
[fake shell 2.html] download8.87 KB
[files.php] download8.25 KB
[foboh.mp4] download182.16 KB
[fuckyouifthisdoesntworknow.zip] download21.71 MB
[gandalfPls.webm] download3.23 MB
[gandalfrave.mp4] download701.09 KB
[grape-kun.swf] download2.75 MB
[grin.png] download85.27 KB
[gst.htm] download15.51 KB
[gst.php3] download15.51 KB
[h.php] download90.39 KB
[hagimura_extreme.swf] download1.52 MB
[hahaha.gif] download737.35 KB
[hotloli.webm] download30.02 MB
[htaccess] download416.00 B
[i.shtml] download1.79 KB
[in.php.xxx] download14.81 KB
[ind.php] download97.07 KB
[indiancyberhero.php] download180.59 KB
[indonesia.pjeg] download1.69 KB
[inexr.php] download64.48 KB
[internet.swf] download53.81 KB
[kill me.png] download80.75 KB
[kim.htm] download7.51 KB
[lain.webm] download7.10 MB
[lain_hues_v4.swf] download2.74 MB
[lconfbshhell.php] download29.80 KB
[ler.php.fla] download1,011.00 B
[lulz.php] download34.30 KB
[mapleE.png] download134.95 KB
[masaratifresh.php] download58.84 KB
[mee6 in a nutshell.wmv] download22.20 MB
[meme.jpg] download176.55 KB
[mepple.png] download461.36 KB
[mm.phtml] download8.45 KB
[now_uniqueid.zip] download22.24 MB
[osu-master.zip] download91.88 MB
[panic usb.zip] download219.54 MB
[panzo.php] download57.37 KB
[pg.txt] download823.00 B
[potato.webm] download4.08 MB
[pown_4680.swf] download418.99 KB
[puke.png] download27.20 KB
[pwnd.html] download1.65 KB
[r00d.webm] download722.37 KB
[r57.php] download264.06 KB
[rc.php] download8.11 KB
[remove_idol.webm] download34.64 MB
[rika_song.swf] download461.13 KB
[rt.php] download38.00 B
[serveimage.jpg] download610.94 KB
[shell.asp] download25.36 KB
[shell.shtml] download3.46 KB
[shove dance.webm] download802.73 KB
[smug.webm] download6.32 MB
[snoow.plugin.js] download5.62 KB
[sta!boy.php] download41.34 KB
[swap.sh] download321.00 B
[switch-to-linux.swf] download659.31 KB
[t-pazolites-liveset-ohr2011.mp3] download40.92 MB
[t0x.txt] download683.00 B
[tefa7.php] download1.67 KB
[test.html] download57.00 B
[test.txt] download18.00 B
[testphp.php] download59.00 B
[the twins.webm] download2.94 MB
[they_are_waiting.jpg] download212.64 KB
[throughthefire.webm] download9.76 MB
[trump.mp4.mp4] download4.69 MB
[ufl_moar.swf] download1.54 MB
[up.jpg] download363.00 B
[up.php] download940.00 B
[up.php.xxxjpg] download18.89 KB
[upload.php] download1.97 KB
[upvote_-_like.user.js] download325.00 B
[v.php] download1.57 KB
[v.php5] download43.80 KB
[v4jd.html.j] download16.00 B
[w_unitaze_ne_woda_part1.swf] download712.15 KB
[w_unitaze_ne_woda_part2.swf] download562.10 KB
[waay.gif] download175.68 KB
[wp-include.php] download42.62 KB
[wso.jpg.jphp] download42.59 KB
[wso.php] download41.34 KB
[x.txt] download18.00 B
[youtube-darktheme-chatpatch.css] download1.74 KB
[z.php] download238.25 KB
[zyzz.swf] download1.09 MB
[§4§nHitler TexturePack.zip] download28.14 MB

Upload a file

Or use the upload api to publically upload here (example shareX config)
  "Name": "ckat.space",
  "RequestType": "POST",
  "RequestURL": "https://ckat.space/api.php",
  "FileFormName": "thefile",
  "ResponseType": "Text"

Or anonymously upload to the space/box/ with randomized name (example shareX config)
  "Name": "ckat.space",
  "RequestType": "POST",
  "RequestURL": "https://ckat.space/api.php",
  "FileFormName": "thefile",
  "Arguments": {
    "key": "anon"
  "ResponseType": "Text"

Shell script example for space/box/ upload,
dont give key to upload it to the public /files/, you get the idea

if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
        echo "Usage: $0 file"
        exit 1

curl --form thefile=@$1 --form key=anon https://ckat.space/api.php